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Hummel Co., Ltd. was established in August 1993 (2536) and employs for the time being 16 Thai Nationals and 1 Swiss National and is constantly extending their activities in the market.


Hummel Co., Ltd. is an importer and supplier of VICTORINOX multi-purpose tools as well as professional kitchen utensils, machines and appliances.  We represent a large number of top brands from Europe, e.g. Victorinox, Swiss Diamond, Bamix, Rotor, Lips, Spring, VacStar, de Buyer, Matfer, Bourgeat, Graef, Tormek, Katadyn, Menu System, Nemox, Neumaerker, Pest West, Robot Coupe, Bear, Berkel, Seewer Rondo, etc.  Our online catalogue - - contains more than 10’000 products so far and is constantly expanding.



Our activities cover 3 main sectors:



 - Business to Business

We serve hotels, restaurants, hospitals, catering and food processing companies, both replacement business of existing operations or new projects.



 - Retail

In the retail market we represent Victorinox, Swiss Diamond and Bamix through our own shops, through our booths at exhibitions and events and through direct marketing activities.


- Institutional Organization

We serve institutional organizations such as Government Agencies and private Organizations with VICTORINOX service tools and KATADYN water purification systems.



We never compromise on Quality ! ! !