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Decontamination cupboards

 - Processed stainless steel body
 - The UV rays emitted by the germicidal
tube produce a photochemical decontaminating effect.  A minimum exposure time of 90 minutes is recommended
 - Timer setting from 0 to 2 hours to cut power to the tube at the end of the cycle.
 - Voltage: 230V single phase 50Hz
 - Transparent smoked PMMA door
 - Depending on model, the knives are either held on a magnetic strip, or in a stainless steel wire frame (the whole blade surface is decontaminated)
 - Transparent door for easy visibility of knives or utensils present
 - UV tube:  1 x 15 W
 - Wall mounting, hardware included
 - Power:  25 W
 - Magnetic closure with lock option
 - Protection index:  21
 - 1,5 m power lead