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Hot & cold cupboards

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Hot cupboards for 60 - 120 plates (no wheels).
"Satellite" range 
Movable cupboards, internal or external catering activities, keeps dishes hot / cold between kitchen and service.
Filled with GN 1/1 or GN 2/1 containers or plates ø 26 - 31 cm.
Hot transfer: keeps dishes at more than 63 °C.
Cold transfer: keeps dishes cool (0 °C / 3 °C, eutectic blocks).
Non movable cupboard for reheating and holding temperature.
GN 5/6 model: filled with a handling basket.
GN 20 1/1 and GN 10 1/1: plates are loaded onto trolleys and then the whole trolley is put in the cupboard.
Fixed unit for both holding (keeping hot or cold) and reheating functions.
Trolleys containing the various meals can then be connected to the fixed unit for holding the temperature or reheating the food. The trolley is then disconnected in order to serve the meals to bedrooms, patios or dining rooms.